El Cid (1961)

The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) (Movie Classic)

Stone Pillow (1985)

In this, her last film, Lucille Ball (from I Love Lucy) plays a homeless woman from New York City. A tender and eye opening story that makes us think twice before judging a homeless person.A young New York City social worker learns about life on the street from an elderly shopping bag lady. The old lady remembers when she had a husband, a son, and a house and garden before her life deteriorated.
Stone Pillow was originally supposed to be shot during the winter of 1984/85, in New York City. Production was delayed, however, after writer Rose Leiman Goldemberg's daughter was killed. The company couldn't begin shooting due to unfinished work on the script. The film finally began production in May 1985 -- during a sweltering heat wave. Lucy lost 23 pounds during production. She was loaded down with heavy, winter clothing, and had to be hospitalized for dehydreation upon her return to the west coast. Lucy didn't complain, though: "You just keep going. You get in there and get it over with. There's a whole company around, and they're suffering, too. So you just shut up and do it." Lucy's health was never the same after the film, though.
tone Pillow
was the second-highest-rated TV-movie of the 1985-86 television season.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

La Vita E Bella ( Life Is Beautiful) (1997)

I really do not understand why " Life Is Beautiful" was rated R. I assure you that the rating is incorrect. Please click on the link to your right to read what people are saying about this erroneous rating. I nevertheless put it on this channel because I found nothing immoral in it and consider it a high quality family film that has educational value.

La Vita E Bella